Citation Needed

Someone made a very good point on my B is for Black Lives Matter video. Essentially that I hadn’t provided links to the studies, papers, or stories that I was working from in my video. I’ve since link-dumped in the description of the video along with some further reading for those interested.

I think this a good point to comment on my attitude towards citations. I do not need to provide evidence for my opinions; I will not be retroactively including links in A is for Abortion or E is for Equality, because those videos are mostly my opinion rather than a ton of facts being dropped. A chunk of C is for Cultural Appropriation is a list of things that the British have invented in the last few centuries, but this is pulled straight from Wikipedia and fact-checked with a quick Google search. I’m not citing Wikipedia, because I don’t see the necessity.

On the other hand, if I talk about an article or similar as the crux of a video, I’ll make sure to cite my sources in future.

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